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"Unparalleled in UV Cure Polymer Technology, Conductive and Very High Temperature Advance Adhesives for Semiconductor and Microelectronics, and Conformal Coatings."


Featured Products


MCT SD0802-31DA

Extremely Low MSL *No Bleed Conductive Die Attach Adhesive

This extremely low moisture absorption adhesive, MCT SD0802-31DA has passed >1 year at 30°C/85%RH and should be able to be used in MSL1 packaging.


Super High Temperature Conductive Die Attach Adhesive To >650°C

For Vacuum Sealing Applications: All moisture is released between 300°C to 400°C. After that there is absolutely no outgassing.

MCT 34T71ND-2 V.072720.06

A Single Component, Toughened, Microelectronic Grade Package Sealant

MCT 34T71ND-2 features high shear and peel strengths along with convenient handling and high/low temp properties allowing it to be easily rated MSL1.

About Us

MicroCoat Technologies, a coatings, and adhesives development company was formed in 1996 by Sam Forman a veteran of over 60 years in polymer and thick film materials. He is a Founding and Charter Member, Fellow of the Society and Life Member of IMAPS, and also the recipient of the IMAPS Lifetime Achievement and Daniel C. Hughes awards.

The Company specializes in advanced conductive, non-conductive, and UV cure adhesives and coatings formulations for the electronics, microelectronics, and semiconductor industries that supply products to the Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Opto-electronics, Telecommunications, Down-hole, and also the commercial sector of assemblies.

What are the Product Application?

Our library of over 3000 UV cure coatings is specifically formulated for Medical, Optoelectronics industries, and the PCB Assembly/SMT. MicroCoat UV cure or UV/Heat cure, globtops, dams, and fills are filled or unfilled. MicroCoat satisfies the most stringent of adhesives requirements.


Hearing Air Conformal Coatings, Ag-Cl for Medical Application, Medical Grade Class VI Advance Adhesive.


Conductive Adhesives, Non-Conductive Adhesives, etc.


Glob Tops, Flipchip Underfills, etc.

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